weird friends

2014-11-18 23:25:24 by LeATPEngineer

this is grim: the walrus and the carpenter  ate 20 oysters and then they trotted home. the next day they got a tan at le beach but it was too hot so they went home and turned the thermostat to the VERY bottom so they  froze. they ran outside but it was too hot so they bombed their house. then the walrus went to dead island and brought back a pet zombie. the carpenter shot it with a mossberg 500 the walrus grew mad. the walrus ate 60 more clams and died of indiegestion. the carpenter touched a bat and he got rabies. he died as well. they became restless souls untill harry potter demolished them. THE END?

though, i suck at animaing, i have to say...  i only made a 9 minute video about sanford and deimos killing 1337st 

agents. it sucks. i had to use nuclear throne sounds. i didn't post it because who wants to see a bunch of agents getting killed? plus it would get 400 negetive reviews. 


hi children

2014-11-11 22:42:43 by LeATPEngineer

hi children